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We are not a Bank, Bookkeeper, Law office, Accounting Software, Investing tool or Hedge Fund. We are all of them and definitely the business partner you are searching for!

We, all entrepreneurs and start-up founders have faced this same problem. We have a business idea, maybe even ready products and services but once we are ready to try our idea we first need to start bureaucratic and expensive process with company registration, banks or government officials to apply business licenses to start our business. But not anymore. SAFE92 offers easy going and inexpensive way to start doing in business, even in multiple jurisdictions as fast as within 24 hours from sending your application!


Contact us and send your business plan for a review


Sign a MBA agreement and we are ready to start business


Find clients for your products and services, Safe92 collects payments and pays bills


After all expenses and taxes paid, you will receive your share of profit


The most secure way to start business in a new country

  • No need to set up a company

    We don’t require you to set up your own company to start business in a new country. This will save lots of time and money.

  • For All - No citizenship requirements

    Anyone can start doing business almost anywhere. We accept all honest entrepreneurs regarding where you are born or where you are living.

  • 100% Legal - Save taxes

    Our business partners have spend lots of time to find the most tax efficient business models, always 100% legal.

Get fully featured Asset Management Software

Safebox92 is a perfect solution for asset management and international money transfers